Logo Magnets Help You Get More Brand Visibility For Less

Custom magnets are customizable and long-lasting tools that have stood the test of time. Apart from being fridge décor items that come handy to stick reminders and kid’s artwork on your fridge, logo magnets make an effective marketing tool and great giveaways. The best part is that custom magnets offer an incredible opportunity to get creative thanks to the generous imprint space on it.

Besides, custom magnets are available in a wide range of interesting models like refrigerator magnets, picture frame magnets, calendar magnets and more. Thus logo magnets will literally take your message into your prospect’s living spaces and work   stations without being a wee bit intrusive. The incredible visibility that custom magnets enjoy is what makes these logo items any marketer’s delight.

Easy to customize

Logo magnets can be imprinted with your artwork, tagline or mascot to make it complement your business. Being versatile, custom magnets are useful in a variety of promotional settings. So, marketers can incorporate them into any of their marketing plan without the risk of looking out of place. No matter what shape or size, there are countless ways to use custom magnets.

As free giveaways

Marketers can include a free custom magnet into every online or in-store package. It will make  a delightful way to express your thanks to the customers and make them feel special. These full color magnets will surely earn a display spot on their fridge doors for everyone to see and your logo will make a great talking topic in their social circles.

Custom magnets also win hands down as both personal favors and promotional giveaways. These are ideal choices for milestone events, new store opening  birthdays and so much more. These simple and budget friendly giveaways will also last long term .

In Awareness events

Show that your brand is socially committed and play your part in supporting social causes. It is indeed a unique and impactful way to keep your brand top of mind.  Your recipients will see your brand  and awareness message every day when they open the fridge multiple times a day. It will even make your recipients feel special for being part of the social cause and the fund raising drive  that you had organized. Studies show that consumers support businesses that are involved in social causes than those that are not.

As Business Cards

Custom magnets printed with your logo and contact information will double up as a high visibility contact card for you that will never get misplaced or trashed. Business card magnet is indeed a great way to get your information onto a fridge that can constantly be seen.

Make sure to create an exceptional and visually pleasing magnet that your customers will simply love to put on their fridge doors. So, get creative with your message and artwork to make your custom magnet something worth showing off.

As calendars

Magnets can even be customized as organizational tools like calendars that your recipients will proudly display on their fridge doors. Everyone will definitely need a calendar to keep track of the important events of the year. By handing out these custom calendars, you can easily engage your recipients with your brand for a whole year.  

A calendar on  the fridge is very useful for the whole family ; so your message will surely get the attention of a family audience comprising of people of all age groups. No matter how you choose to use your custom magnets for, it is indeed a great way to promote your brand and to help them stay organized.

Have a better idea to use custom magnets in your promotions? Share your ideas with us on our comments section.

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