Personalized Magnetic Calendars- Keep Track Of The Days The Fun Way!

Calendars make an indispensible part of every home. Calendars keep everyone well organized and sane all through the year and put some order to the overlapping schedules and a tight time line. If you are looking for a calendar that won’t get torn or dirty and is easy to carry around wherever you go, look no further than custom calendar magnets. It is a great way to stay in track of the days in a fun way.

Calendar Magnets Enjoy High Retention

Calendar magnets are well retained as these will add a pop of color and fun to the bland fridge doors and give a lively charm to the work spaces. The best part is that, calendar magnets will be retained as keepsakes and souvenirs even after the year gets over. Everyone loves to have a magnetic calendar in front of them to plan their schedules and holidays and they double pull as a hold up for their kids’ artwork and reminders as well.

Easy to customize

Magnetic calendars offer a lot of customization options. Apart from your brand and message, you can include sports schedules, first aid tips, inspirational quotes and more to make these custom magnets more engaging. Every time they come back to your calendars, their brand recall will increase manifold.

Calendar magnets set off word of mouth publicity

A trendy full color calendar magnet will never fail to arrest the attention of anyone who sees it as these magnets occupy the heavy traffic spots in homes and offices. Magnetic calendars make an interesting banter topic for your recipients in their friends’ circles and will set off word of mouth publicity for your brand.

Versatile to the core

Calendar magnets enjoy a high level of versatility, which makes it a perfect handout to promote all types of brands and businesses. Any recipients can easily relate to custom magnets that convey business message in a fun and subtle way without any sales pitch. Magnets have one of the lowest costs per impression, which will ensure consistent brand impressions for the marketers without any repeat investment. Magnetic calendars continue to work for your brand all through their shelf life and that is what makes these low cost items a favorite in branding campaigns.

How To Use

The incredible popularity of personalized calendars has made it a hot promotional item among marketers. Customize these with your brand and message to make it a brand building handout that your recipients will love to stick up on their fridge or around the office. Calendar magnets make excellent corporate gifts that will add a personal touch to the work week of your employees and a playful way to keep their tasks and reminders on top of their mind.

A sneak peek to some hot selling models

3×4 Custom Mini Refrigerator Calendar Magnets: Cute and functional, these calendar magnets will make a useful handout to consider. Low in budget yet high in visibility, these logo items will keep your brand the talk of the town for a whole year and more.

3x4 Custom Mini Refrigerator Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Announcement Calendar Magnets: Make an announcement and hand out a calendar all at once with these logo items that will tug the hearts of your recipients with its utility features.

3.5x4 Custom Announcement Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

House Shaped Calendar Magnets 20 Mil: Ideal for realtors and home maintenance services, these calendar magnets will stand out on fridge doors due to its quirky and well recognized shape.

4.25x3.5 Custom Printed House Shaped Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Picture Frame Indoor Magnets: Hand out both a calendar and a picture frame for the joyous memories of your recipients and make your brand their favorite!

4x7 Custom Picture Frame Indoor Magnets 30 Mil

So, which of these will be your marketing tools this season? Share your ideas at the comments section below.