Reasons Why Promotional Magnets Attract Customers

If your business isn’t getting the attention it should, it is high time for you to consider promotional tools like custom magnets. It will make people notice your brand and make your business stand out.

Handouts like magnets make tangible reminders for your brand and help you get the attention of local consumers. These full color magnets make eye grabbing promotional giveaways that are hard to miss. Ideal for all types of businesses, these budget friendly giveaways are easy to customize and distribute.

Custom magnets have been around for a while simply because they work. Most small business owners find them an effective way to attract customers and boost their brand image. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor marketing, custom magnets are incredible cost effective as well. However, it is fact that people often overlook magnets as marketing tools.

Here are some solid reasons why you should invest in custom magnets

Enhance local brand presence

For most businesses, the core audience group will be located within 5 miles of their organization. Portable models like car magnets will make a fabulous choice to spread your message and make your brand popular. In addition, most Americans spend over 20 hours in car every week. Your prospects are likely to be spending a substantial amount of time on the road. So, they are surely going to notice your brand on these colorful magnets on the vehicles that ply past them. Even when they are held up in traffic during their commute, they will take note of your brand message on these logo magnets , available in a wide range of interesting shapes that talk about your brand.

Customize to Catch the Eye

While every business email may not catch your customer’s eye, a  colorful car magnetic sign with bold artwork and message is hard to overlook. You can use contrasting colors and interesting fonts to get the attention of passing consumers.

Consumers prefer familiar brands

It’s a well-known fact that consumers tend to go with brands they are familiar with rather than settling for a brand they don’t know . So, when your logo is getting regular and repeat exposure among the audience as they drive past your vehicles, they will establish an emotional connection unknowingly. So, the next time when they need some services or products similar to yours, they will surely think of your brand first.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Human brains process images faster than text and leave a lasting Impression on memory. Reports show that adding an image can increase the recall of the audience by 65%. People can recall images with accuracy for many days after they are viewed. So, make sure to include an artwork or mascot that reflects your brand identity to increase the chances of the consumers remembering your message even when it is no longer in sight.

Word of Mouth Publicity

Word of mouth publicity  is an effective way for businesses to  get new leads and attract new customers. Every time your recipients notice these colorful magnets on their fridge doors they are likely to share what they’ve noticed with friends, family, or colleagues. This in turn will widen your audience base and drive up the local impact of your advertisement. So, if you are looking for an effective way to spread the word about your product launch or special event, look no further than custom magnets to stimulate publicity and drive footfalls.

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