The promotional powers of Custom Fridge Magnets- Must Read

Custom magnets are well retained, contain the same information and be the same size as your business card!  These budget friendly and well retained custom magnets will be seen for ages and  increase your business turn over easily. Custom magnets are not just business card substitutes but will make a walking talking billboard for your brand that brings repeat business. Customize these with your message, social media details and contact information and every time your customers open their fridge doors they will be reminded of your services and brand. The more they see your brand the more will be their brand recall. Custom magnets work on this simple principle.

2x3.5 Custom Business Card Refrigerator Magnets 20 Mil

Refrigerator magnets can be used as the following

  • Mailer items to make your business mailers look interesting and to get a greater chance to get them read.
  • Place a discount code on refrigerator magnets to inspire the recipients to visit your stores and avail the discounts.
  • Use custom magnets as online contest prizes and enhance the engagement of your audience with your brand.
  • Magnets make delightful referral gifts for customers to inspire them to repeat the feat more often.
  • Magnets can be customized as fund raisers or as invitations during grand opening and product launches.

How to enhance the retention of fridge magnets

By customizing refrigerator magnets with useful information, discount codes or invitations, you can encourage your prospective clients to retain their magnets for a long time. Fridge magnets will make a delightful fridge décor item and make a handy spot to keep their reminders and shopping lists safely. A creatively customized refrigerator magnet will make a great talking topic that nobody can overlook. Everytime someone sees these full color magnets, they will be tempted to talk about the brand that handed out these logo items. You can also customize magnets with useful information like kitchen conversion units and emergency numbers that the users will find useful.

Magnets set off word of mouth publicity easily, which in turn will take your message to an audience beyond the target community thereby generating more brand awareness and sales leads. Another smart idea to enhance the retention of custom magnets is to imprint it with school holiday dates, events and calendars. Custom magnets will make great handouts during sponsoring clubs or teams. This will highlight your brand and enhance your goodwill and popularity in your community.

To make your message stand out in the crowded marketing world, you may need something that is a wee bit different from the ordinary. This is where custom magnets come to the bigger picture. Cost effective and highly powerful, these marketing tools will reinforce your marketing message and ensure repeated brand exposure and business.

Have you used custom magnets in your promotions? Do share your experience with us at the comments section below.