Top 4 Ways to Employ Promotional Magnets

Custom magnets are fun and will add a pop of color to spaces. The tremendous popularity of magnets has made it a potent marketing tool these days. Here are some great ways to put custom magnets at work for your brand.

Car magnets make portable billboards

Car magnets enjoy high visibility and make an easy way to switch advertising and allows you to use them on many different vehicles. These make great promo items for house maintenance services, landscaping business and pet care stores among others. Custom car magnets will literally take your message right into your target audience and will ensure a high precision marketing. Maintenance free and easy to apply, car magnets will let your message stick for a very long time and will bring back referrals and brand impressions for a long time.

For Awareness events

Car magnets can be used to support social causes and spread awareness too. Customize these magnets with jokes, one liners, artwork and more to make it interactive and to reach out to your target audience easily. These full color magnets will turn out to the biggest traffic stoppers that you could ask for. Make your recipients laugh, think and interact with your brand in a light- hearted manner and change it frequently in a flash with custom car magnets.

Car magnets can be imprinted with as little or as much information as you please to suit your promotional need. These will make great décor items as well. You can even customize it to celebrate the holidays, change of seasons and sports events to enhance its appeal.

Business Card magnets

Business card magnets will make sure that your customers will never misplace your cards in the hustle and bustle of their daily life. It will stick to the metallic surfaces like fridge doors or filing cabinets at their home or offices to serve as a constant visual reminder of your products and services. Customize these business cards with incredible staying power with your brand, message and contact details and everytime your recipients need to reach out to you they know where to look. They act as little magnetic billboards that are constantly working for you. While paper business cards get torn or misplaced, magnets will remain right in the eye span of your recipients all their life!

2x3.5 Promotional Business Card Magnets 25 Mil

Fundraising magnets

Magnets make excellent fund-raising items for schools, sports leagues, charity organizations and more. People will love to buy these attractive full color magnets that help support and sponsor groups, schools, and organizations in a local community. Magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions, which means that it will continue to make impressions for your cause for a very long time without any repeat effort.

Magnets are versatile handouts that can fit into bespoke marketing solutions. Share your ideas with us at our face book page and join our conversation.

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