How Custom Stickers Make Effective Marketing Ideas

Very often marketers and business owners overlook stickers as potent marketing tools. However, these ubiquitous items hold a tremendous potential as marketing swag and can put your message on a high-speed trail.

3x11.5 Inch Customized Square Corner Rectangle Outdoor Bumper Stickers - White Vinyl Permanent Layflat

Custom stickers are the staples of any advertising campaign as these are durable, budget friendly and customizable. Small and compact, stickers are easy to distribute in events and tradeshows and will make a great mailer item too. Free custom stickers will spread the word about your business to a large audience in the most cost-effective way.

Here are some tips to customize stickers to make them your marketing tools.

Add value

Add value to the stickers so that your recipients will use it more often and get engaged with your brand more often. Place kitchen conversion charts, emergency numbers of any other useful information that your customers may need. This will ensure that your customers may be referring customers more often, which means your message on these will get repeated exposure.

Generate interest

Vibrantly colored stickers will grab easy attention of everyone around and will drive more footfalls to your stores. You can even show direction to the stores using colorful stickers that are shaped like footprints or other interesting shapes.

Big and bold

The custom stickers that you use should be large enough to fix them on doors, windows or walls to arrest the attention of the passersby. Very small stickers might not be easily visible at the main doors or entry. Choose from a range of models and sizes, customize it with your brand and message and make it work for your brand on a long-term basis.

Bumper stickers are cool

Bumper stickers will go a long way in putting your brand on a portability curve. It makes a great way to stay connected with people of your target area and to enhance your goodwill. Nobody can resist these brilliantly colored stickers that will add a speck of color to the bumpers and will bring in a quirky charm to your vehicles. Everytime your recipients drive around their cars sporting these attractive stickers, their brand and message will get a lot of attention.

Bumper stickers are made from weather-resistant materials and are made to look good and last long for a long time. Once applied these stickers will stay for a very long time thanks to its strong adhesive backing. Anything imprinted on these vibrant stickers will get a lot of eyeballs for sure. Bumper stickers are great for maintenance services, packers and movers and in fact any other business that wish to put their advertisement on a wide display among new audience every time.

Have you used stickers in your promotions? Share your thoughts at the comments section below!