What are Popular Summer Marketing Magnets 2014?

Warm, hot and intensive – are some of the traits that you mostly associate with summers. It is totally up to you to decide, which marketing magnets you should choose for summer promotions.

By the time you decide, some of the popular summer marketing magnets 2014 are –

  • Calendar Magnets: They are warm and easily grow on minds with their utility value. These magnets are well-suited for schools, offices, businesses and even individuals trying to keep people glued to their information. You can get it customized with business information, dates and symbols in colors of choice prior to gifting.
  • Political Magnets: With US Presidential Election 2016 fast approaching and the election heat gathering up, there is huge demand for political magnets. You can choose from car magnets and business card magnets, if you are the one trying to show your support for some candidate or yourselves gearing up for an election.
  • Business Card Magnets: They are one of the most selling promotional magnets throughout the year. During summers their demand increases because people love to venture out of their comfort zone and meet up their prospective customers and hand them this magnet.
  • Awareness Magnets: Come summer and there are many awareness events lining up and you wish to keep people informed about them. At reputed online stores selling custom magnets you can come across a vast line up of summer awareness magnets. You can make choices depending on your budget, requirement and target audience.
  • Car Signs and Outdoor Magnets: They are year around favorite, but with summer it happens that marketers are going crazy to order them more than before. They try to make it even more special by getting it done tastefully in vibrant colors. During summer there are no visual disturbances in atmosphere and people can easily see the colored magnets fixed on moving cars easily.
  • Sports Schedule Magnets: With many sports events slated to start in summer, you can shift your preferences towards them. You can go for magnets of sport with most followers or you can get magnets imprinted with schedule information of the most popular team in the area. Gift it during tradeshows or mail it as a seasonal greeting or hand it out as a complimentary token with purchases – the result is always going to be a big WOW!
  • Save the Date Magnets: With the theme of summer wedding gaining momentum, you can always seek these colorful save the date magnets. Be it opening of your new office or shifting your place or announcing anniversary celebratory event, you can easily go for the save the date magnets theme.

All these marketing magnets are offered with lot many value advantages such as free shipping, free art setup and free online design proof. You can avail discounts and many other value savings by bulk ordering these magnets from a reputed online store selling custom magnets.