What Do Marketers and their Customers Expect from a Promotional Magnet Product?

Promotional magnets refer to genre of magnets, which are used for promotional purposes by marketers. Basically employed for promotional purposes, these magnets also serve as a refrigerator art, entertainment and many more. Marketers and their customers have different expectations from a promotional magnet with same underlining term “best visibility”. Let’s analyze what customers and marketers look in these promotional magnets-

Sketching a marketers checklist of expectations first –

Promotional Magnet Product

Sketching a marketers checklist of expectations first –

Made in USA: The pride of working with a made in USA magnet overpowers any other emotions or feeling that might ever crossed minds, while working with other promotional gifts. The difference between regular, cheaper promotional magnets (Chinese made) and made in USA magnets is that later is toxic free. The made in USA magnets are largely produced in USA with high quality resourced magnetic materials.

Allergen Free: Marketers are adamant about choosing allergen free magnets for marketing because it largely reflects their brand value. Most made in USA magnets are allergen free and do not possess traces of zinc or other metal traces- as found in cheaper magnets.

High Quality: This is definitely a large priority in the chart of expectations sketched by a marketer trying to find purpose with marketing magnets. The “quality” becomes a tangible property in terms of thickness, expected shelf life, glossy finish over the magnet, etc.

Long Term Visibility: No need to say, what it means! The very purpose of seeking a magnet for promotional purposes is the safe cushion of long term visibility that it provides. Marketers can stay assured that their business messages are going to last and create great impact on minds that see it every day.

Budget Friendliness: If marketers have decided to source their marketing magnets from some reputed online stores, they can gain on this point. Most of these magnet stores organize their offerings according to budget, requirement and availability.

Niche Specific: Going by trends, today most marketers vouch for industry specific or shaped magnets, but regular magnets in shapes of circle, rectangle, square and triangles are still largely ordered ones.

Price Savings: Who doesn’t wants to save a penny here or there while buying gifts? Marketers who are looking forward to a relationship building on large scale basis can stay assured that they can pocket large discounts on bulk ordering from reputed online stores selling custom magnets.

Value Advantages: Buying promotional magnets from reputed online magnet stores is beneficial for marketers because at times they can avail lot of freebies such free art setup, free online design proof and free shipping. Remember these “advantage criteria” may vary from one online store to another, so you have to keep your options open.

Next considering a customer’s expectation check list, let’s see what all things might feature

Quality: Here the quality is never related to expectations about long term visibility, instead it is more focused about saving their refrigerator surfaces or car doors from chipping after affixing these magnets. Most customers have high apprehensions regarding the quality of promotional magnets handed out to them.

Colors and Shapes: Customers who receive these branding promotional magnets are largely conscious about sizes and colors. They know these magnets are going to beautify their refrigerator doors or work cabinets or car doors. A shaped magnet and beautifully imprinted magnet – stands high chances of acceptance and retention than duller ones or single color imprinted magnets.

By now you might have seen most marketers and customers have rational expectations from these promotional magnets and both wish to benefit from the bargain, too. So, the next time, when you decide to hand out these magnets, try to think from a viewpoint of a customer, too.