What Makes Fridge Magnets Proven Marketing Tools

Fridge magnets are not something new. In fact, for most people, it is hard to imagine a refrigerator without these colorful magnets that stand out stuck against it . Apart from being impromptu fried décor items and a smart way to pin up reminders and snapshots, custom fridge magnets make proven marketing tools for businesses. Marketers can customize it with their message and logo to increase brand awareness and promote repeat business for a long time. Announce milestone events, discount deals, reach out to the audience and more with these full color custom magnets.

Still on fence on how magnets can help you to achieve your goals.

Cost effective

Custom magnets are also incredibly low-cost promotional items that offer more value for your money. So,  no matter whether you have a small budget on hand or you are start up company, fridge magnets will make a great choice.

Mailer friendly

Being small and light weight, custom magnets are easy to mail out while helping you keep your campaign costs down.

Long lasting

Made of premium quality stock material, custom magnets are long lasting. Thus your brand and artwork on these full color magnets will remain in plain view of the audience for a long time.

Eye catching

With the right design, fridge magnets are indeed a real eye-catcher. So, be  your creative best to come up with artwork and taglines that will ensure that your magnets grab the right attention.

High utility

Most people find magnets useful to pin up their shopping lists and  daily task lists, while they promote your brand. Win –win

Value for money

Fridge magnets are seen throughout the day by not just the family members but even guests that drop in. Thus the price-per-impression can be lower than many other forms of advertising. By effectively using custom fridge magnets, marketers can drive  repeat business and  increase  brand outreach.

Easy to customize

Besides, marketers can incorporate various brand elements like text, graphics and bar codes into custom magnets to make it an effective marketing tool.


It’s no secret that custom magnets are a huge trend. Corporations give them as gifts for Employee Appreciation Day and use them to fill swag bags during special events or as referral gifts for customers. No matter how you wish to use these popular magnets, they will match every marketing plan and impress every genre of audience. With custom magnets you can never go wrong.

Custom fridge magnets can even be used to raise awareness of important issues. Giving away useful items like magnets will easily create a positive impression on your business or group. That makes these popular items a valuable investment for any organization.

Custom magnets are powerful marketing tools

Fridge magnets are nothing new as they’ve been around for years. However, these days, more marketers are exploiting its promotional power by making it part of their arsenal.

Custom  magnets are mobile accessories that can showcase your company logo or name wherever they are used. It’s actually a win-win advertising plan. It will also make a  well retained custom giveaway for your employees  that will empower your brand at the same time.

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