Why You Need Custom Refrigerator Magnets In Your Marketing Mix

Create your very own custom refrigerator magnets embellished with your message and logo to make a lasting reminder of your brand. Offered in a wide range of sizes and shapes, these logo magnets will never get overlooked and get easy eyes on to your message!

Increase Your Business Turn Over With Custom Refrigerator Magnets


Refrigerator magnets are durable, which means these last longer and provide a better ROI. Full color, factor direct refrigerator magnets will enhance the personality of the plain fridge doors and the spaces and make a fun way to engage your audience with your brand in a friendly dialogue.

Convertible Auto Shape Magnets 20 Mil


Apart from providing your contact information, refrigerator magnets make delightful fridge décor items for your recipients at offices and homes. Plus these can be also used to pin up shopping lists, kid art and reminders on the fridge of your recipients.

Fridge magnets make a quick way to share your key business information you want your prospects to know. Your message will remain in plain view of your audience for a long time. Just imagine the attention your message will get every time they open the fridge doors or refer their reminders- many times a day!

Basketball Schedule Life Insurance Magnets 25 Mil Round Corners

Enhance your brand visibility

Refrigerator magnets are  an easy way to let customers know who you are and make a great conversation starter among your  potential clients. It is the subtlest way for businesses to  show their services and products without being intrusive.  These light weight and compact custom magnets can be easily distributed at business meetings, conferences, trade shows and other events. While it makes a perfect reminder for your brand it will provide your customers with the essential information of your company to boost your brand image straight to the top!

 Picture Frame Tooth Punch Magnets 20 Mil

Ideal for any situation

Thanks to its small and convenient size, fridge magnets can be easily carried to any event or can even be included as mailer gifts. This will help you find new contacts wherever you go, anytime, anywhere. You never know when you can meet anyone interested in your company! Customized fridge magnets are a great way to stay in touch with your prospects, to show interest and make them feel special.

Awareness Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Offer something original

Refrigerator magnets are able to make a difference on many occasions. It will enable marketers to explore your imagination and to be creative to come up with a unique design.  Your recipients will indeed be pleased to get something that is original and that perfectly aligns with your brand.

Custom Printed Flag Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Tangible reminders

The importance of physical advertising is something special in the new digital world of  advertising. Tangible reminders that can be seen and felt will awake the senses of your recipients and make a lasting emotional connection.

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