Why 10X2 Magnets Can Make Great Companion for Topical Marketing?

Do you know what does topical marketing or topical advertising mean? Honestly, speaking it means taking advantage of the hot trending story by creating an advertisement around it. After reading the title you should think, how 10 x 2 magnets could make a great companion for topical advertising. In fact, many people do not understand that size does not matter, when it comes to advertising, rather what makes the difference is the creativity.

10x2 Square Corner Full Color Magnets 25 Mil

Topical advertisements can bring ample attention to the brand and they are perfect to boost a product or service with minimum efforts. This form of advertising has helped businesses to boost their potential without overspending. Perhaps, marketers have started understanding that they only need to grab the right opportunity to position their advertisements.

Some Recent Examples of Topical Marketing doing rounds are-

Lynx – They took advantage of the Prince Harry’s controversial Las Vegas trip in 2012 and created an advertisement saying that “Sorry Harry, If It had Anything to Do with Us”. They took the opportunity to apologize to Prince Harry because he was wearing Lynx. This type of advertisement has certainly positioned them under the limelight and aided to attract big clientele with minimum efforts.

Braun – A famous consumer products manufacturer from Germany took advantage of the London Olympics 2012 to create their famous advertisement featuring the British Olympic Gold Medalist and

Cycling Champion – Bradley Wiggins. They created an advertisement poster with an image of Bradley Wiggins kissing his medals and supported it with their marketing message “ Get Winning Sideburns”. Keeping in tradition with the Olympic fonts, they ensured that everything sounds very natural.

Similarly, marketers can synchronize their topical marketing ideas with customized 10 x 2 magnets because it allows them to-

Position Their Information along a Big Stretch
By reading dimensions, you might have understood how it might look. This means you can use the entire stretch of this 2x 10 magnet for positioning your big information. You can club your ideas closely matching to any big news and present it over these customized magnets. It may or may not click instantly, but people would think of you as a smart marketer.

Save on Investment
10x 2 magnets not only offer a reliable space for sketching an advertisement, but also offers great price benefits. Marketers can look forward to save on (online design proof, art setup, shipping, and full color printing).

Go Crazy with Choice of Colors
Free full color printing allows marketers to go crazy with choice of colors. They can select and use colors as per their wish without piling up additional charges. Perhaps marketers can stick to their original theme colors and replicate the same magic over these personalized magnets.

Directly Feature over Consciousness
Would you ever think of trashing an advertising magnet, which keeps in sync with the trends? No right?! It is the case with topical advertising magnets because recipients will not let it go off easily. It will keep on reminding them about the great news event and of course the brand, which took opportunity to position their product amidst chaos!

You can enjoy many other benefits of investing in customized magnets 10 x 2. Avail benefits of lowest price match guarantee on sourcing your customized magnets from any reputed online eCommerce store.