Learn Why 10X1.5 Magnets Are Good to Expand Your Customer Base

Who said small cannot be of any use in brand building? Whoever said it does not know that small is powerful and contributes to success as most of their large counterparts. If you are considering magnet advertising, perhaps you will come across promotional magnets in various shapes and sizes. Rectangle and square magnets are the most popular and available in different sizes. 10 x 1.5 magnets are one of the hot choices for brand advertising. If you thought that they lack capability to convince and are pure waste of time, then you are wrong. Read this blog to know more –

10x1.5 Square Corner Custom Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

Builds Brand Awareness
Brand recognition is the ultimate goal for any business, big and small. They all adopt different strategies to position their business deeply into the consciousness of customers. No wonder they are largely considering magnet advertising more than before. It offers them comfort of a competitive promotional gift, fits into their budget, and allows them to offer value to customers. Although it may not come to use as a regular carry-on item or may not fulfill any direct purpose, but it will surely dress up the refrigerator door and car bumper or wherever they are affixed ( don’t forget custom magnets only stick to ferrous iron surfaces).

Allows Mass Outreach and Focused Targeting at Minimum Investment
Today, with severe economic crisis grappling America, marketers are forced to look for smaller alternatives, which allow them mass outreach and focused targeting. They are trying to make sense from smaller items, which give “bang for the buck” such as 1.5 x 10 magnets. With a small price tag (even smaller for bulk order) and never ending influence (available in 20 MIL, 25 MIL and 30 MIL stock sizes), marketers are all set to make great value for the investment. Whether used for indoor advertising targeted at focused customers or outdoor advertising to increase mass outreach, these personalized magnets would come of great use. Investing in small and personalized magnets is a great way to improve customer loyalty. If you own a brick-and-mortar store, including a customized magnet in the take away is the nice way to thank customers and buy their loyalty.

Great Alternative to Business Card
Although it may not look like a business card, still customized 10 x 1.5 magnets make great alternative to regular plain business cards or business card magnets. People usually throw out business cards thinking them as a junk, but a personalized magnet is always perfect and they would love retaining it over their refrigerator door or car door. You can offer full color 10 x 1.5 magnets with other business gifts or hand it for creating an impact during tradeshows and mass promotional events. It will offer you flexibility of a business card and satisfaction of a business gift.

Now what does that mean? At an extremely small budget, you cannot afford to invest in promotional gifts. In addition, you understand that it is important to offer some purposeful marketing gift to customers. What should you do? Perhaps you should employ tactful marketing magnets 10 x 1.5. They make great choice as a marketing item and transform into a purposeful refrigerator art or car art. People may not take it down because it dresses up their plain refrigerator door or car door and makes it presentable.

Powerful Marketing Item
Magnet advertising is unlike any other marketing strategy, you’ve ever considered. Why? Because it allows you to market at the expense of a customer. Personalized magnets 10 x 1.5 allow you to stick your advertisements over refrigerator doors or car doors of your customers. This means your business messages are deeply percolating into their minds. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

The main advantage is price benefits, which you rarely enjoy with other promotional strategies. You are paying for the space and magnet backing because everything else comes free. You can avail free art setup, free online design proof, free shipping and free full color printing on purchasing these advertising magnets 1.5 x 10 from any reputed online eCommerce store stocking on promotional magnets made in USA.