Why 9.75X1.75 Magnets are Bankable Choice for Low Budget Campaigns?

Magnet advertising has come to an age, where it is possible to avail them in different shapes, sizes and themes. Today, it is possible to grab customized magnets in various sizes of rectangle and squares. However, 9.75 x 1.75 magnets are one of the smaller sizes and marketers can use it for low budget campaigns. This blog explores various reasons, why these small magnets are becoming choice for low budget marketers.

9.75x1.75 Square Corner Custom Printed Magnets 20 Mil

Small is Powerful
Customized 9.75 x 1.75 magnets are small, yet powerful. There is a strong misconception that people only look at large promotional magnets and smaller ones are ignored. However, the same is not true because small magnets can be powerful too. Who can miss a full color magnet announcing at the top of voice – Save, Save and Save or Special Sale, Mega Sale, Free, Instant, etc. Also, marketers can employ customized 9.75 x 1.75 magnets for introducing their brand logo or other brand graphics.

Long Term Exposure
Personalized magnets 1.75 x 9.75 are offered in 20 MIL and 30 MIL, which is good enough to convey the quality. Usually 20 MIL magnets are perfect for indoor advertising and 30 MIL ones for outdoor advertising because they are made UV Safe. Customized magnets 9.75 x 1.75 offer long term exposure against investment.

Comes with Value Bag of Benefits
By looking at the dimensions you would understand that they are only offered at online eCommerce stores offering made in USA magnets. These magnet stores offer benefits in the form of freebies such as free online design proof, free shipping, free art setup and free full color printing. Additionally, marketers can avail benefits of lowest price match guarantee.

Marketers can save on their efforts by sending their artwork files to marketers and lay back with a ease thinking that they would be receiving free online design proof within 24 hours. Many such online eCommerce stores offer benefit of free branding, which is a valuable benefit than other promotional mediums.

Can be Combined with Other Traditional Marketing Strategies
Marketers can combine magnet advertising with other traditional marketing strategies such as print advertising and digital media advertising. They can hand out long striped customized magnet as an insert within large corporate brochure or marketing material. If they are seeking promotions through digital strategies, they can easily send customized magnets to the name of registered recipients. Or else marketers can offer it as a tote bag insert during tradeshows or other marketing events.

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