How Custom Refrigerator Magnets Enhance Your Brand Visibility

Businesses employ different forms of advertising to promote their company. However when they need popular giveaways on a budget that will impress their audience, custom refrigerator magnets will make a great choice. These full color magnets will make its way into refrigerator doors and filing cabinets of your audience thereby making a constant reminder of your business. No matter whether you are introducing your brand or reinforcing an already-established brand image, refrigerator magnets will make an effective way to market and advertise your business.


Brand awareness

Custom fridge magnets will boost brand recognition manifold than other forms of advertising because on an average, a fridge door gets opened 20 times or more in a day. So, you can imagine the exposure your message imprinted on these full color magnets will get. Customize these with your brand, message, artwork or tagline to make it truly interesting. You can even add other useful tips like kitchen conversion units or CPR tips to enhance its usability.

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Budget friendly

Custom magnets are available in prices starting a few cents, which makes it products with one of the lowest costs per impressions. Choose from various shapes and popular models like business card magnets, calendar magnets and save the date magnets among others to match your theme. Get your logo, message and artwork imprinted on these to make it a high visibility billboard for your brand.

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Magnets are long lasting
Nobody will ever remove these  cute magnets from their fridge doors.  Your recipients may even find it useful to hold up their shopping lists or reminders. If you wish to get your message across to people of all ages and demographics, refrigerator magnets will make a great choice. Unlike most marketing tools that are designed for specific targets due to the prohibitive costs involved, these logo magnets will be seen by not just your audience but whoever happens to see these attractive magnets

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Magnets continue to make consistent impressions once applied with no more reoccurring costs for sustained advertising. Your initial investment will thus be far less than other forms of media advertising and will generate impressions for years on end.

Wider audience

Fridge magnets make great talking topic among everyone.  Every time your recipients open their fridge or walk past their refrigerator they will be engaged with your brand and message. Regular brand exposure will enhance their brand loyalty and when they need products or services the first name that pops up in their mind will be your business.

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