A Few Clever Ways To Use Sports Schedule Magnets For Brand Promotions

America celebrates sports round the year and every time of the year is a great time to chit chat on sports events, the favorite players and the biggest  wins! Whether you’re in the office break room, at a weekend party or a restaurant with your family, you can hear people talking about sports and wearing the home team Jerseys and colors.

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Sports make an interesting binding force to draw your audience closer. Does your business support a specific sports team or a junior league? If yes, it is a smart move to include some sports schedule magnets into your marketing mix. It makes your campaign more interesting and sporty and less business like!

Sports magnets are one of the best ways to promote your local business because these are budget friendly, visually appealing and easy to distribute. Everyone loves to have a handy reference item on their favorite sports events lined up for the year. They will never miss their favorite team in action nor will they miss your message. Win-win! Sports schedule magnets can indeed market your business and potentially bring in more leads.

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How to Promote business with sports magnets

Sports schedule magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions and ensure assured return on investments because customers will always keep the business in the back of their mind when using these items. Every time they check the game schedules, they will see your logo and message. It will enhance their brand recall; and next time when they need a product or service similar to yours , your brand will come into their mind instinctively.

Any business vertical can make use of the popularity of sports schedule magnets because these are immensely popular across all audience groups. For instance, businesses like salons or florists too can give away custom sports magnets branded with their business’s name. It will help them to make their brand popular among a wider audience. Even they can mention their special offers or discounts on the magnets that could bring back the recipients more often.

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However, businesses like sports bars or restaurants will find these logo items especially useful to reach out to their audience as these will align to their business more easily. Get these full color magnets imprinted with sports schedules. Plus display the name of your bar or restaurant on these magnets along with special deals like draft beer or breakfast specials.

You can even use these magnets for fun contests or special deals if your home team wins! The possibilities are indeed limitless. Just bring out the best creative traits in you to harness the promotional potential of sports schedule magnets.

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