Make a Lasting Impression with Custom Sports Schedule Magnets

With the sports season truly upon us, it will be interesting for marketers to exploit the incredible promotional capacity of custom sports schedule magnets. You don’t have to be a school or team to make a lasting impression with a magnetic sports schedule. Never miss a game with these full color magnets that make  a great handout to your core audience of sports fans during sponsored sports events, community marathon and game days among others. It is a great way to build team spirit and promote your business alike.

Football Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Promote Your Business with Magnets

Magnets can do a lot more than hold shopping lists and reminders on a fridge. Custom magnets make a memorable statement to both existing clients  and potential customers about your business. If you wish to get across your message in a fun and subtle way, not many  handouts can match the charm of custom sports schedule magnets.

Available in various models like hockey, football, baseball, soccer, and more, sports schedule magnets are highly affordable and popular as well.  Just think of the exposure your brand imprinted on these magnets will get every time your recipients check out on their favorite team’s game days.

 Baseball Sport Schedules Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Add a personal touch to your marketing with these popular custom magnets.  Get your logo , message and artwork imprinted on these to stay in plain sight of your prospects. The best part is that these logo magnets will be retained as game day souvenirs even  after the sporting season.

Sports magnets also win hands down as fund raising items for booster clubs and local leagues. Get  the mascot and sports anthem imprinted on these magnets to raise funds for the sporting club while leaving a lasting impression among your audience.

Hockey Sport Schedules Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

The best promotional items don’t just ensure more value for your buck – these offer real value for your clients  by making a lasting connection. Bold, eye-catching colors can be customized to reflect the team colors to turn on the audience. Plus, with your name and contact information printed at the top of every magnet, your prospects will be reminded of your message every time they open the fridge, all season long.

Make use of the strategic imprint space on these magnets to promote your business and market yourself. Your customers will become your loyal fans the moment you hand out these full color magnets printed in their favorite team colors and yearly game schedule. Customize it for your favorite NFL. NBA or MLB sports team or collegiate, high school or local team events.

Basketball Sport Schedules Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

No matter which business niche you are in, these universally popular custom gifts will never fail to leave a lasting impression among your audience.

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