6 Creative Ways To Use Custom Stickers To Enhance Brand Image

Custom stickers are one of the most powerful marketing tools though these miniscule items don’t appear that way for some people atleast! Offered in various popular sizes and shapes, stickers are perfect to reach your customers anytime, anywhere.

Custom Die Cut Stickers 18.01 to 20 Square Inches -  Permanent White Glossy Shiny Lamination Paper

Here are four top ways to employ stickers to drive sales

  1. As branding tools
    Company stickers on product packages, office spaces, vehicles and other visible places where they are likely to be seen will all make highly potent branding tools. Easy and budget friendly to customize, stickers can be fixed to literally everything that you can think of! Be it work desks, filing cabinets or business newsletters, stickers will always remain right in front of the eye span of your audience.
  2. As talking topics
    Stickers will grab easy attention and often end up as conversation starters in the social circles of your recipients. Stickers customized with a creative message or a snazzy tagline on light poles , vending machines or rest room stalls will trigger word of mouth publicity and your phone will start ringing non- stop literally!
  3. On mailer envelopes
    Stickers can motivate your recipients to open the direct mailers. Place your sticker outside the envelope to create a surprise element and to tempt them to open the envelopes without fail. Put custom stickers to work double duty as both motivators and branding tools alike. In most cases, a plain and mundane mailer over will have a very low chance of getting opened. By affixing a brilliant sticker with a surprise message you can make your envelopes stand out in the sea of promotional mailers. Custom stickers are attention grabbers in their own right and will ensure your brand the much needed publicity.
  4. As address stickers
    Printed address stickers will enable you to save money and time in addressing the outgoing mail. Sticker it and enhance the professional identity of your mailers. Stickers will make your mailers a class apart and your audience will surely take note of this. Your employees can save a lot of time and effort in addressing the mailers, which means better optimization of your productive time and manpower.
  5. As Window or wall billboards
    An attractively customized sticker will make a high visibility billboard on shop windows. Convey your brand information to everyone around even beyond the business hours with these brilliant stickers that are hard to resist. You can even make the walls talk about your business as these permanent adhesive stickers will add a pop of color to the blank walls and make it lively and vibrant. Customize it with quotes, artwork or information to grab a few eye balls. The best part is that these custom stickers can be taken off the walls without causing any damage to the surface.
  6. As Floor Decals
    The floor makes a high visibility advertising space for marketers that often remain underutilized. Announce your special deals, direct the shoppers to a certain part of the store or simply grab the attention of people walking by- No matter what you choose to do, these stickers will never let you down for sure!

Do you have more creative ideas to use custom stickers in brand promotions? Do share with us at the comments section below.