Here’s Why Custom Stickers Are Present Everywhere

Full color customized stickers are everywhere! Be it on the fridge doors of a coffee shop,on the back of the laptops in an office setting,or on the filing cabinets or classrooms, it is hard to imagine life without these colorful custom stickers around.

Apart from adding a fun pop of colors and vibrancy to the mundane life settings, custom stickers make potent marketing tools that are hard to overlook. Offered in a wide range of shapes, these can be imprinted with quotes, artwork, taglines and a lot more to engage and motivate the viewers and get them familiarize with your business.


The best part of custom stickers is that these wont appear as promotional items to even the users as it will align perfectly with your product package or the mailer envelope and will also be treasured as delightful freebies by the audience.

2 Inch Personalized Circle White or Clear Plastic stickers

Why Stickers are a rage?

Whether it is the Gen-Xers of the 80s  that may have casually traded scratch and sniff stickers or the millennial kids of the 90s who considered stickers as must-haves, stickers enjoy a classic charm across all time lines. Every time someone gets a colorful sticker they just feel good and feel a sense of reciprocity and strong personal connection in their mind.

Analog marketing items like stickers hold a special place in today’s overwhelmingly tech world. Stickers are indeed back with bang thanks to image-conscious brand influencers that use stickers as a visual identity of their personality. A sticker someone puts on the water bottle or their tote bag is all set to be hugely symbolic. These full color billboard may even serve as great topics for people to strike up conversations with each other. In a way, it is real-life version of a social media profile listing of hobbies and interests!

1 X 3 Inch Customized Rectangle White or Clear Plastic stickers

Everyone loves to use stickers to highlight their cool or quirky personality and to show the world what they are all about.Let’s be frank about it! Sticker culture is real and people find it interesting to know about  someone’s personality based on the stickers they prefer.

Millennial brands have played a pivotal role in bringing stickers back by including them in their subscription boxes and product packaging and the trend is here to stay forever.

2 X 2 Inch Promotional Square White Gloss Perm Papers

Stickers for Advertising

Considering the incredible popularity of stickers, it is a sensible idea for marketers to invest their promotional dollars in custom stickers.  While the recipients use stickers to represent who they are to the world, your logo will enjoy a personal endorsement from their end and will highlight your brand identity.

Consider bright colors, trendy designs and modern fonts while customizing stickers to make it more popular. A cute artwork, a fun quote or motivational tagline will all make great additions in making your custom stickers more appealing.

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