Interesting Tips To Make Your Custom Calendar Magnets Special

Calendar magnets are value added and highly useful in their own right! However, by customizing it with your brand, message or useful information, you can enhance both  the retention of these logo items and the engagement of your audience.

Here are some tips to make your custom calendar magnet one of its type!

Showcase the photos of your audience

Conduct an online photo contest to get your fans come up with their best creative shots.  You can use this design on the calendar magnets that you are planning to bring out for New Year promotion, which will make the winners truly proud. Invite your audience to submit snapshots in a chosen theme and spread the word about the contest through social media to ensure maximum participation.

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Make it Informative

Make your custom calendar magnets both fun and functional to make it well retained. These full color magnets can be customized not just with your logo and message but useful tips and information that will make lives easier and increase awareness about your product.  For instance, wine shops can include wine making tips, history of wine, the best ways to store wine etc. By making your handouts informative, you can increase the engagement of the users with your brand.

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Fund raising

Calendar magnets make a great way to raise awareness about social causes for non profits. Customize these with your goals and logo to popularize your organization with your support groups. Calendar magnets will play a key role in motivating donors to support your cause as well because studies have shown that around 30 % of annual donations take place in the last quarter or in the last month of the year. As calendars are often distributed towards the end of the year, it will make a smart way to reach out to donors and thank them for their support.

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Make calendars double pull as notepads

You can design calendars in which the pages double as scribbling pads or scrapbook paper for your recipients to make notes and daily reminders. Leave ample white space for people to scribble , doodle or even to attach event tickets or photos. By creating happy memories among your audience, you can make your custom calendars really special and closer to their hearts! When your recipients find calendars as useful as personal diaries, they will treasure these forever.

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Now that you have some creative tips to make calendar magnets special and useful, it is time for you to place your orders in bulk well on time for the holiday promotions.

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