Custom Car Magnets –Be Quick Witted In Your Business Talk!

Ready to charm your audience? Be witty and engaging to win over your customers with customized car magnets. Just put on your creative caps to come up with the best witty one-liners or puzzles to make heads turn. Like other print marketing tools, car magnets need to be big enough to be seen even on the move. The fonts should be readable and illustrations recognizable. Make sure that the color of the magnet contrasts with the color of the car to make it pop!

8x3.88 Custom Printed Ribbon Shape Magnets

Why car magnets

It is a no brainer why  custom car magnets are one of the most effective promotional items in the country! Americans spend a lot of time behind the wheels. Be it on daily errands, holidays or daily commuting, American drivers travel more than 220 miles per week. There has been a staggering 8% increase in the number of hours people spent behind the wheels since 2014. Today Americans collectively spend 70 billion hours on driving!

  • Car magnets are easy on your budget, which makes it ideal even for start up businesses or budget marketers.
  • Car magnets do not involve any maintenance or renewal charges unlike customary billboards
  • These have one of the lowest costs per impressions as it produces consistent impressions without any repeat effort or investment.
  • Car magnets are the proven method for highly targeted promotions. Just drive around your business vehicles in localities where your target customers are based and get maximum benefits!

4.75x2.25 Custom Tow Truck Shape Magnets


Car magnets have an incredible staying power. These are hard to resist and make excellent collectibles as well. Car magnets win a few brownie points as fund raising items as well. Cheap as chips, these can be procured at very low rates, which will give you a margin to sell off at a higher price to support a social cause or nonprofits.

x2.25 Custom Oval Shape Magnets

Are you looking for a team spirit item that will leave the team truly hyped up? Put your dime on car magnets. Get your logo, tagline or mascot imprinted and simply set out on a ride to pep up the team and get the fans in the right mood. It is a fun way to make the rivals see red as well! Car magnets make great sports souvenirs that both the players, sponsors and the fans cherish. So, your brand and message on these will continue to live on for a long time to come.

4.75x2.5 Custom Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets

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