Custom Car Magnetic Signs – The Best Way To Spin A Promotional Story Outdoors

 Having the best deals and the finest range of products is only half the job done for marketers! Ultimately what makes the winning card is how effective you are in spreading the word among your audience.  Be it a discount sale, team building event, a fund raiser or more, your piece of information should reach the key audience  fast. This is what makes car magnetic signs a premium promotional tool. Build up a buzz and let the mob know what you are doing by announcing it on custom car magnets.

Attention grabbing

Flashy and attractive, car magnets are hard to overlook. You can get your brand, message, artwork or call to action imprinted in full color on these magnets to make heads turn. In a country like America, where people spend most of their active hours behind the wheels, there can’t be  a better way to spin a conversation and a promotional story than car magnets! Everyone will easily take note of your brand and message imprinted on these magnets.

10x14 Custom Car Sign Magnets

The best part – all you need to do is drive around your sales and service vehicles with these full color car magnets on to set the wheels of your campaign in motion! Motorists who see these magnetic signs  will easily remember your  promotion and more importantly visit your shop!


Car magnetic signs will get the attention of everyone on the road. In other words, your prospects do not need to tune in at a particular time unlike TV ads or radio spots. They see your message at all times of the day. Reaching out to people when they are most ready to respond is easier with mobile billboards like car magnetic signs.

9x6 Magnetic Signs

Budget friendly

Magnetic car signs are budget friendly. It makes a great choice to reach a wider audience because the advertising cost per consumer is very low. While traditional ads like TV or billboards have a high set up cost and renewal charges, car magnetic signs involve only one time investment. It brings a higher return on investment for a low cost.

24x18 Custom Election Car Bumper Truck Sign Magnets

Auto magnetic signs are one of the most preferred ways of advertising because of its massive reach. These full color magnets will appeal to even the casual eyes. These attractive signs make a fun way to start a conversation and hold on the interest of the prospects  for marketers. As motorists get stuck in the bumper to bumper traffic, they will take a long hard look on your deals and products and you get some hot leads. The best part is that you don’t put in any extra effort other than driving around the city attending your sales/ service calls. While it is business as usual for you, it doubles up as a high octane promotional campaign without even your knowledge!