6 Reasons Why Custom Calendar Magnets Make Effective Branding Tools

With the last quarter of 2023 rolling in, it is time for business owners to start planning for next year’s marketing activities. Calendar magnets make an incredible marketing tool to get your brand into the hands of your audience. You can also spread the word about your upcoming branding strategies.

What makes calendar magnets a perfect choice? Firstly, these are essential marketing tools for many industries and hence can be used in all types of promotions and events.

Here are some more winning points of custom calendar magnets

It is cost-effective

Calendar magnets are available in a wide range of price rates often starting from prices as low as a few cents. So, there is one to fit your budget. Even start up companies and low cost marketers can get consistent brand impressions at easy rates with custom calendar magnets. The low cost advantage will also make it a great choice for mass events like trade shows or mailer campaigns.

It stays all year long

Most importantly calendar magnets will stay with your customer all year! It means that you get 365 days of brand promotions at one time investment. Thus you can stretch your marketing dollar the farthest by investing in calendar magnets! In addition, your recipients are more likely to retain these full color custom magnets for a whole year and even beyond if it is eye catchy! Calendar magnets even double up as fridge décor items and a great way to pin up reminders and schedules.

One of the most important benefit of custom calendar magnets is that you essentially have a marketing collateral for the whole year. While your recipients are likely to forget most promotional giveaways, calendar magnets work for you 365 days a year and will keep your brand in front of the prospects for a long time.


Calendar magnets are ideal for all types of businesses especially those in service industries or on-call enterprises. By handing out calendar magnets your contact details are always close at hand when they are needed urgently.

It is used by everyone

Calendar magnets make marketing tools with incredible value. Apart from communicating your basic business information like address and phone number; it will offer a full year calendar for your recipients for them to keep track of their appointments and events . These eye catchy full color magnets will stand out from fridge doors and keep your contact information easy to access. The fantastic, full color customization options will help you make your calendar magnets one of its type.

Limitless options

Calendar magnets are available in various shapes like house shaped calendar magnets, which are ideal for realtor themed promotions Perfect for homes and offices; these full color magnets offer a great variety of themes that work for different business and industries.

Easy to customize

Marketers can customize these full color magnets with their essential branding elements like corporate colors and logo, so that these become instantly recognizable for customers. You can also add artwork and other information, that you think best will illustrate your business.

You can even increase the value of these giveaways by adding other important information like event calendar, CPR tips and so much more. It will make it even more useful for your recipients. This in turn will help you in promoting your brand while adding value for clients. Thus calendar magnets create a feeling of reciprocity in the minds of the audience and inspire them to support your brand.

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