The Best Ways to Use Custom Sports Magnets in Business Promotions

If there is one thing that everyone can talk about it will be sports! It is indeed a common topic of discussion at sports bars, work places, public transport and more. So, obviously can there be a better way to promote your brand than sports magnets afterall? These full color magnets made in USA are available in various sporting themes. So, if you wish to promote your favorite home team or reach out to the niche audience in your city that favors a certain team, nothing can beat these budget friendly giveaways. You can customize these magnets with your team slogan, mascot or tagline to make it tug the hearts of the sports lovers .


Sports schedule magnets make a great addition to your promotional mix not just during the sports season but all year through. because most people prefer to retain these game souvenirs for a long time even after the season. These custom magnets are even available in various interesting shapes like that of a soccer ball for instance. So, you have a lot of creative options to consider when you have these logo items on hand.

The best part is that sports magnets will promote your brand without being overwhelming. Every time your recipients check out on the schedules of their favorite team they will remember your brand as well. This in turn will create a strong emotional connection in their mind and will make an influencing factor to choose your brand over many others in the market.


Sports magnets are ideal as giveaways to fans or can even be sold at the counter to raise funds for the local leagues. Interestingly, sport schedule magnets are perfect to promote businesses in all industries; and not just for sports niche. Any business can give away these full color magnets to their customers to promote their company in a cost effective way. These long lasting marketing tools make incredible investments that can yield a positive return over time; because customers will never forget your brand as long as they have these magnets in their plain sight. Customers will always see your brand while checking out the upcoming game schedules.

Marketers can give away football schedule magnets or baseball schedule magnets imprinted with their brand. In addition, they can also promote any game day special deals on the magnets. It will pique curiosity in the minds of the audience and push these limited time offers. Even banks and community organizations can offer free football schedule magnets of their local high school team’s schedule, to show their appreciation to their community. These sports magnets will create stronger customer loyalty in the long run.

Easy to distribute

Made from superior quality magnetic stock material, these logo magnets are perfect for any business. Light weight and compact, these can be distributed in person or as mailer items as well. So, businesses can enhance their brand outreach by including custom sports magnets in their marketing list. With a variety of sizes and shapes, sports magnets are just right for any business!

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