Custom Car Magnets – A Few Big Reasons Why Businesses Love Them

When you have a business, the first thing to do is to spread the word and engage the target audience with your message effectively without being overwhelming. One of the best and budget friendly marketing that you can use for a local business is custom car magnets.

Below are 5 reasons that custom magnets make a proven marketing medium of choice for many local businesses.

Magnets are Affordable

One of the best benefits of car magnets is how affordable they are. They are especially ideal for businesses with small budgets because they are a low-cost advertising solution.


Since car magnets are made to be outside, they are outdoor safe and can withstand all types of weather and wont get damaged easily.

They’re easy to apply

Something that a lot of business owners are going to love about car magnet advertising is its ease of use. Most other marketing materials require training to install. But this isn’t the case with car magnets. All you need to is stick it to the vehicle surface and take off when you don’t need it. As they are small enough, marketers can also apply these full color custom magnets on different vehicles of your fleet to optimize your branding potential.

They are versatile

As magnets are lightweight and affordable, you can put these magnets on all types of vehicles. Plus, these are suitable to promote all types of businesses. So, marketers can use it to engage every genre of audience and even the street crowd with their brand!

Car magnets Come in Many Sizes & Shapes

Not only are car magnets are affordable, but they also come in a variety of sizes. So, you can easily choose custom magnets that fit best for your business. If you have a local business and your marketing budget is small, magnets may be the type of marketing that you want to use to highlight your local brand presence. As they are budget friendly and durable, custom car magnets make a great handout to get your message across.

Easy to customize

Car magnets can be imprinted with your brand and tagline. It is recommended to keep a very short message that people will find it easier to read and understand in a few seconds they will be seeing your car magnets. Choosing the most appropriate message is going to be crucial because no marketers will want to have their customers overwhelmed by their message. Use simple fonts that are easy to read and stick to only the most appropriate details while printing your message. Choose colors that contrast well and desist from the temptation of using a lot of colors on them.

Tips to remember

  • Make sure your car magnet is big and visible, so that people will be able to see it from a distance and your message will never be missed. After all , designing a great looking magnet becomes futile if people do not see your promotional message.

  • Include important information such as your website or phone number. This will make it easy for people to get in touch with you

  • Choose a high visibility display spot on the vehicle to place the car magnets that wont obstruct visibility of the driver
  • Choose a magnet that is shaped like their product for better impact.

If you need more tips, make sure to watch this space for our daily blog posts.

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