Custom Car Magnetic Signs – Promotional Items With Assured ROI!

Are you a small business owner trying to enhance your brand popularity? Or Is your return on investments less than what you had anticipated? If yes, it is time to take a fresh look at your promotional strategies and handouts.

If budget continues to be your calling card, custom  car magnetic signs will be a perfect solution to sped up your promotions. Affordable and eye-catching, car magnets are portable and will never get overlooked. Easy to stock up and disperse, these light weight items are great for mailer campaigns and big events like business conventions or tradeshows.

Car and Truck Signs Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Square Corners

Still on fence?  Just  think  of the countless times  you see  plus sized vehicle magnetic signs on realtor vehicles, supermarket delivery vehicles or the food trucks that ply along, all day through the busy streets?  Magnetic signs indeed are effective publicity tools to advertise your company without having to spend too many dollars.

Customary advertisements like newspaper ads, yellow page listings or billboards are exorbitantly pricey, which could eat up to your whole annual budget in just a few months.  The catch is that though you spend these advertising dollars, there is no guarantee that your target audience is going to see it! So, it is something like a gamble. You can only trust your stars and wait for the best results!

Car Sign Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

However, vehicle magnetic signs ensure a better and more cost-effective way to advertise simple because these are never overlooked. Magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions thanks to its low price and high visibility.

Car Magnetic Signs Are Fundraiser’s Favorites

Vehicle magnets can be used not only to increase your business profits, but to raise team spirit and school spirit as well. Non profits and school sports teams can sell car magnets for a higher price to raise fund for the campaign and to seek support for your foundation. It is also a great way to popularize your activities and make your recipients part of your social cause.

Every time someone is buying  these magnets, they support your foundation. You can also consider these full color magnetic signs as handouts to donors and volunteers as a gesture of appreciation.

Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

Custom car magnets will enable you to get your business message across to larger and bigger crowds at an affordable price and increase the awareness to your business. Choose from a wide range of shapes, sizes and models to meet your specific promotional needs. These custom magnets are UV resistant, made in USA and factory direct, which means these promotional magnets ensure a superior quality and durability.

Election Car Bumper Truck Sign Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

Make your car magnets interesting with bright colors, bigger fonts, stunning artwork and more. A well customized magnet indeed makes a great talking topic! Put your message in short and simple sentences to make sure that the viewers can easily understand it as they get the first glimpse of these magnets on a moving vehicle.

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