Custom Business Card Magnets – More Value For Your Investment

Business cards make the first impression of your brand in your potential customers. Nothing can beat a perfectly customized good business card magnet as it will showcase your business details in a highly visible way. Offered in a range of shapes and sizes, business card magnets will complement the changing times and the technological advancement in the world as well. If you are still unable to make out whether it is sensible to have paper or magnetic business cards, the quick analysis below will help you to pick up the best option.

3.5x2 Custom Business Card Magnets 20 Mil

Cost factor

For marketers, business cards are great investments as it will help them to build brands, show their corporate identity and grow business. Though magnetic business cards will cost you a bit more than paper cards, in terms of value these are much more valuable that paper cards. So, if you are looking for more value for your money, business card magnets will make a great choice. When an item is perceived to be of value, there is greater chance for it to get retained rather than trashed!


Business card magnets are highly durable and will last a very long time unlike paper cards that can get torn, or creased. While magnetic cards remain fresh as new on the fridge doors for years on end, paper cards get spoiled due to constant usage and rough handling.


Magnetic business cards not just provide your contact details but double up as an attractive fridge décor item and a handy hold up for reminders and shopping lists for your recipients. More utility means better retention. Paper cards on the other hand will eventually turn out to be bland and boring pieces of paper bearing just your contact details.


Paper business cards get shoved into the work desk drawers or card organizer, which means that they remain obscure and away from the attention span of the recipients. Business cards compete for attention every time your recipients look for a particular service provider to transact business while business card magnets enjoy a high visibility, which in turn gives it a higher chance of being picked first. It often becomes difficult for the customers to find a card they need from the stack of cards or from a bunch of strewn around cards. However in the case of these custom magnets, your information will be right there on their fridge doors. Every time your recipients open their fridge, your business message will be reinforced among your audience.

If you are looking for a business card that will bring you business leads with minimal effort, look no further than magnetic business cards that enjoy a fabulous staying power. Need tips? Feel free to contact our friendly team of product experts and make a well informed decision.