6.75 Inch Circle Magnets Can Be Engaged to Sketch Successful Buyer Persona

If you are starting a new business, the term “buyer persona” may be a relatively new term for you. This blog guides you about dissecting the buyer persona using 6.75-inch circle magnets. Here is how you can go about it–

6.75 Inch Circle Shaped Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

  • Create impressive tick-on lists on circle magnets
    You might have seen many online e-retailers offering tick-on-lists to gain a better idea about user experiences. You can create impressive tick-on lists on circle magnets and send it to your family and friends. In the end, you can ask people to call to some number or register their likes, dislikes on social campaigns, or reach out to you in some other way.
    Probably magnetized tick- on -lists are going to be unique and people would retain them over their refrigerator doors or other visible surfaces as long as they can. Even if they don’t associate with your kind of products at that stage of life, perhaps this colorful list may encourage some others who may be really interested to buy from you.
  • Start loyalty programs
    Take it this way – Would you be interested to hear about a loyalty program, even if you don’t associate with that product? No. There are exceptions for these loyalty programs because in the 1990’s, many cosmetic and health care products started offering one, two and three tier payouts to people who were loyal to the brand. Affiliate marketing has worked for some time, but in a meanwhile, they lost their face because people weren’t really interested to identify with such bogus and fake programs. By investing in circle customized magnets announcing loyalty programs, you are attempting to reach out to people who may be interested to buy it from you. Magnet advertising is a form of marketing, where people aren’t forcibly subjected to buy it from you, rather they can take their own decisions in time.
  • Attend tradeshows and see types of people attending your booths
    If you are newbie to the niche, perhaps you can attend tradeshow booths to check kind of customers your competitors are attracting. If you feel that risky, it is best to attend a tradeshow and see the type of people inquiring for your products. You can perhaps give them a contact address printed over these circle magnets 6.75 inches.
  • A guess based on past experiences
    You may have a rough idea based on some guesses or other industry observations and for better chances, you can distribute your contact details at tradeshow venues, mass gatherings or during community programs. This will help you to identify your buyer persona with minimum efforts.

While working with these personalized circle magnets 6.75 inch, you can save on branding efforts, shipping, and full color printing because they are offered free by many on e-retailers stocking advertising magnets.